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Popcorn Finance by Chris (May 2024)

"Is It Really Possible for Everyone to Travel?"

The world has opened up significantly since 2020, and people are eager to travel again. But how attainable is it to go on trips nowadays? If you’d love to travel more but are unsure if your budget allows for it, I have traveler extraordinaire and all-around savvy adventurer, Bianca Alba on the show to talk about how to make traveling a bigger part of your life without breaking the bank.

Encuentras Your Voice by Consuelo (May 2024)

"Changing the Face of Global Travel: Empowering Latinas to Travel the World with Bianca Alba"

In this candid conversation, Bianca shares her personal odyssey of discovering her authenticity between being raised in the most prestigious part of the US, speaking Spanish as her First Language, and finally embracing her cultural identity in college.

Prepare to be inspired as Bianca recounts her career in public health, her courageous move to Puerto Rico, and her unwavering resilience in the face of Hurricane Maria’s devastation. But that’s not all – Bianca’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she unveils the creation of This Latina Travels, her passion project dedicated to empowering Latinas to explore the world fearlessly.

Popcorn Finance by Chris (February 2024)

"Is Inflation Getting Better & Travel More in 2024 with These Tips"

In this episode, I was a guest on Popcorn Finance NEWS! Inflation numbers are in. Are things looking better or worse? Also, are you hoping to travel more in 2024? If so we’ve got a few tips for you in this episode.

Today’s Number is 3.1%

This is the inflation percentage reported for January in the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Today’s Article Discussion: 

The 10 best budget travel tips that will help you travel more in 2024 written by Lori Zaino and Kyle Olsen

Money Noticias Podcast by Israel and Sunem Tovar (January 2024)

"How to Break Generational Patterns and Travel for Joy with Bianca Alba "

In this episode I share my personal journey as an immigrant and the joy of being able to travel for pleasure. I emphasize on the importance of building community and privilege of being able to afford travel experiences!

Dinero en Spanglish - Educación Financiera Simple y en Español by Maria y Sylka (October 2023)

"Conociendo el Mundo Con Bianca Alba de This Latina Travels"

En este episodio, hablo en Español y comparto todos los lugares maravillosos que yo he visitado por el mundo.  Me encanto esta conversacion por que puede hablar de mi profesion en salud pública, tambien siendo una emprendedora en Puerto Rico y mochilera viajando el mundo!

Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast by Jannese Torres (September 2023)

"How Travel Can Transform Your Life with Bianca Alba"

Full CIRCLE moment here! I loved sharing this space with Jannese from YQD podcast. In this episode, you will be reminded of how powerful and transformative traveling can truly be for your life! When we step out of our comfort zones and dive into new cultures and experiences, it’s like we’re opening a door to a world of different perspectives!

Dismantling Diet Culture: F*ck Being Calladita by Dr. Hortencia Jimenez (August 2023)

"Healing & Self-Discovery by Traveling with Bianca Alba"

In this episode, we talk about some DEEP ish. For example, how my parents immigrant experiences have shaped my relationship with food, how the kitchen has been used as a site of violence and gender oppression and lastly, how the role of traveling has been part of my self-discovery & healing journey!

Unicorn Millionaire Podcast by Charly Stoever (August 2023)

"From Loving Living in Puerto Rico to Traveling to Egypt with Bianca Alba"

Charly and I met in Puerto Rico at the Our Money Our Power Summit, we bonded over our love for travel and community. Listen to this episode to learn about my journey living in Puerto Rico, how I am building wealth, and healing by traveling the world.

The Thought Card with Danielle Desir (May 2023)

"Getting Out of Debt and Moving To Puerto Rico with Bianca Alba"

Spending the last seven years living in Puerto Rico, check out my recent interview on The Thought Card Podcast, where I share my journey to becoming debt free and how becoming an expat has impacted my finances and some lesser-known memorable Puerto Rico experiences. 

Cipota Colocha Says by Katya Quezada (May 2023)

"Traveling Por Todo El Mundo with Bianca Alba"

In this episode, I open up about falling in love with traveling and how making friendships and connections around the world has helped me grow!

Central American Voices by Alejandra Quiroz (June 2022)

"Let’s Talk about Travel"

In this episode, we discuss our travel experiences mixed with our personal life and tips on how to travel as poderosa Latinas!

While She’s Away by Dianni Hall (May 2022)

"How this Latina Created a Life of Travel with Bianca Alba"

In this episode, Bianca discusses tips on how to travel and have a full-time job with a demanding career! Travel does not need to be expensive, we need to change that mindset!

Latina Traveler by Flavia Cornejo (April 2022)

"Balancing a Full Time Career with Travel & Self Care with Bianca Alba "

In this episode, Bianca discusses how heartbreak led to her discovering what self-love really was, but also her love to travel.

The Wine & Chisme Podcast by Jessica Yañez (February 2022)

Breaking Barriers & Traveling the World with Bianca Alba

In this episode, Bianca discusses how she became debt free by sharing some tips that you can work towards becoming debt free too! Additionally, Dianni and Bianca talk about their experiences of growing up and how travel was not part of their childhood.

The Solo Female Traveler by Lu Colmenares (October 2021)

"Empowering Latinas to Travel: Breaking Barriers and Finding the Courage to Travel"

In this episode, Lu the host of The Solo Female Traveler Podcast moderates a conversation between two women who have complete different experiences when it comes to travel. In this episode they discuss topics such as racism, privilege, overriding limiting beliefs from family, putting yourself out there and leaving your comfort zone.

La Verdad Duele by Tijani Musa (June 2020)

"The Importance of Mentorship"

In this episode, Tijani and Bianca discuss the importance of mentorship and how beneficial mentorship can be in different stages of your life.