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My first trip for 2024 started with a COLD awakening all the way from Seattle, Washington! But let me tell you even though we froze our butts off, I loved every place we visited and hope you find this blog post helpful!

My name is Bianca and I am the voice and creator of “This Latina Travels” – a podcast about travel through the eyes of a First Generation Latina traveler/college grad sharing all my travel experiences first-hand, so YOU can travel the world too!

I was super excited to step foot in Washington because this was going to be the FIRST time I had ever explored this state!

Getting to Seattle all the way from Puerto Rico is an adventure itself. I mean not for nothing fights can range from $400-$1000 round trip! WILD I know! I decided to go with American since there was only ONE stop and it’s a more reliable airline. SN: They ended up delaying my baggage since my connection was SUPER close and I didn’t get it till the 3rd day I was in Seattle, so best believe I submitted a claim and was reimbursed for ALL the items I bought in Seattle due to the delay – the total reimbursement was $400.

Now let’s talk about accommodations & food. 

We stayed in TWO hotels, TWO different areas, and I must say I liked them both and they were BOTH very different.

The first one was: W Bellevue (Marriot) – about 20/30 minutes from Seattle. This luxury hotel is located in the heart of downtown Bellevue and literally steps from the mall and many delicious food locations! The staff was super friendly and the ambiance of the hotel was filled with words of affirmations, art work, and just a vibe! Additionally, the rooms were super different. For example, the showers are located in the middle of the room! Yep, very different but also kinda cool! What blew me away at this hotel was the GYM. Probably the most prettiest and luxurious hotel gym I have ever worked out in.

Places I ate around Bellevue that I 100% recommend are: 


The second hotel was: The Sound Hotel by Hilton – literally walking distance to many “must-do” excursions in Seattle like the Space Needle, Pike’s Market, and more! We really enjoyed our stay and maybe I am biased because I am a Hilton Diamond but I love the luxury of being able to check in early and the little details of having my name on the screen when I walk into a room! I would also recommend this hotel in a heartbeat! The rooms are spacious and have a cool vibe to them! For example, the lamp had trumpets as the shapes.

Places we ate during our time in Seattle: 


Lastly, I will leave you the THREE excursions we did in Seattle. 

  • Pikes Market Food Tour – another blog post to follow with details! But we booked it via Viator and it was around $60 dollars per person! Worth it!!!
  • Space Needle & Chihuly Garden and Glass – another blog post to follow with details! But bae booked it directly via the website. To visit both it’s around $60 dollars each person.
  • The Doctors Office – a super dope speakeasy with elegant drinks and just a total vibe!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions via email at or message me on Instagram: @thislatinatravels.

I hope YOU are ready for this journey because I sure can’t wait to tell you MORE about why This Latina Travels!